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Cambios 2020:  La cultura vital hispánica

Cambios 2020: La cultura vital hispánica is a Spanish cultural reader for advanced high school classes and intermediate Spanish language classes at the university level.  It may also be used effectively in third-year university classes of language or culture.  The ebook version is media rich, ideal for making a topic such as culture come alive with an abundance of photos, video clips, and audio clips   

Cambios 2020 focuses on vocabulary building and reading skill development within the framework of a unique and comprehensive approach to Hispanic culture.  Along with the traditional presentation of culture through history and literature, this text incorporates human and cultural geography, urban sociology, cultural anthropology, ethnology, social anthropology, social psychology, and similar disciplines that study people, societies, and cultures.  With this approach we arrive at conclusions about la cultura vital hispánica and what makes Hispanics “tick.”  This multidisciplinary approach provides a deeper understanding of the attitudes, values, and world view among the various Hispanic populations.

Cambios 2020:  La cultura vital hispánica includes a variety of text types—short stories, selections from novels, essays, poetry, and journalistic pieces.  Some poems are recited by the poet while others narrated in an illustrative video.  The multimedia comprises photos, videos, audio clips, and links to pertinent web sites. 

With its multimedia capabilities the ebook format is ideal for presenting the sights, sounds, and other aspects of the Hispanic world.  A digital text is more convenient and more rewarding for both students and teachers. Unlike the limitations of a paper book, Cambios 2020 contains a wealth of information in a small digital file.

One objective of the multi-disciplinary approach along with the abundance of media is to immerse students in Hispanic culture.  Rather than mere observers, they become active participants in an exciting world of  “real” people.  A second goal is to inspire students to visit and study one or more Hispanic countries.

Available mid-2013 

University Edition by John F. Wilhite, Ph.D.

High School Edition by John F. Wilhite

& Kimberlyn Anderson Wilhite, BA, BS, M. Ed.

Princeton High School, Cincinnati, OH

Below are samples of videos to be included in Cambios 2020.  Enjoy!

Cambios 2020: La cultura vital hispánica, Vídeo 1 Panorama de España


Cambios 2020: La cultura vital hispánica, Video 2 Ciudades, pueblos y paisajes de España


Cambios 2020:  La cultural vital hispánica, Video 3 La herencia étnica de los españoles